The Symptoms Part 2

I think I am ready to give the lowdown on what symptoms I have experienced this, the second, trimester.  I have to say it hasn't been bad.  I mean it's been bad but I like not being sick and now I look pregnant so I get a seat on the bus (mostly).  Also, I got my first pair of maternity jeans and now I feel like a normal person and not someone trapped in legging purgatory.  I was going to say legging hell but that seemed a little extreme.  While I don't love wearing leggings everyday there's no way it's anywhere near anyone's perception of hell, otherwise no one would worry that much about hell; no fire and brimstone just stretchy pants.

Second trimester is famous for a lack of symptoms, and this has been sort of true for me?  My top 4 symptoms as illustrated by cats have been.

1) Heartburn

Get ready, because I am going to talk about science again, which always sounds made up when I talk about it. 

One of the hormones your body makes during pregnancy makes all your muscles relax, it is called relaxin (for realz, sometimes science makes things easy).  This sounds like a good thing, and it is when you're pushing a baby out, but it is one of the reasons pregnant people aren't suppose to do heavy lifting.  Your relaxed muscles are more prone to injury.  It also relaxes your digestive muscles and this can cause heartburn or, in my case, monster heartburn.  The above mentioned fire and brimstone?  Like that, but inside of me. 

Since my heartburn was so bad I was put on some strong meds, but these meds gave me trapped gas.  Gas that felt like stabbing all over my body.  Gas would get trapped in places where there shouldn't even be gas like the back of my shoulder and my sides.  The gas was worse than the heartburn so I cut back on the meds.  I still take them but half as much.  This makes the fire inside of me more of a campfire and less of a bonfire.  You could now safely toast a marshmallow over my heartburn.

2) Peeing

I pee all the time.  I pee all the time, but not a normal amount of pee comes out.  I pee few teaspoons at a time.  I pee so often that the fact that I peed only three times yesterday evening (we're talking 7pm on wards) is alarming to me and I am worried something might be wrong with the baby.  I can pretty much pee at any given moment now.  I have not wet myself, or peed because I laughed or sneezed, but those delights might yet be ahead of me.

3) Baby movement

I don't know this cat can feel her babies' movements but I bet she can.

I don't know this cat can feel her babies' movements but I bet she can.

So, I was a late bloomer in terms of feeling kicks.  I know at my 21 week ultrasound I still hadn't felt any real movement.  Some women talk about feeling their babies move at like 12 weeks (mostly second/third/sixth time moms).  I didn't and I really wanted to.  I would lie there and just try to feel movement and I would forget to breath and then feel my pulse really strong in my stomach.  I think I felt my first movements at about 22 weeks?  The best way I can describe the early movements I felt is like an eye twitch.  You know when your eye twitches because you're sleepy, or stressed, or just a twitchy mother fucker?  Like that, but inside your stomach.

Now I feel baby all the time but it's a blessing and a curse because it has given me something new to worry about.  I feel the kicks mostly at night, but throughout the day as well. I feel them all over my tummy and sometimes instead of kicks they feel like a fish kind of flopping around.  I like feeling them, but I don't like not feeling them.  Three days ago I had a quiet day and I didn't sleep at all because I stayed awake all night trying to feel baby moving.  The past couple of days I have awoken at four in the morning worried about baby and drank a big glass of juice and lay there to feel baby moving.  Juice or any cold liquid tends to get baby going, which I though was because they love delicious juice and and were dancing around, but actually is because they hate the cold of a sudden cold drink, and are trying to squirm away from it.  When my baby is wide awake every morning at 4am and crying I will only have myself and Ocean Spray to blame.

4) Eat all the things


I don't eat all the things all of the time, but I do eat all of the things some of the time.  In general my appetite has been largely unaffected by pregnancy.  I have gotten more particular about food.  Yes: ice cream, chicken katsu, and raspberries.  No: teriyaki, pizza, and potatoes.  The thing is sometimes I will go on an amazing feeding frenzy.  The other day I ate maybe 8 pieces of french toast and sausage.  It was for dinner.  I don't like french toast, and I haven't eaten red meat in a decade, and yet?  The other day I also ate all of the french toast, this time for breakfast.  After that baby didn't move for like a day.  I freaked out but baby seems to be moving like normal again.  Could baby have been suffering my food coma?  

So these aren't all my symptoms.  I sometimes have horrible dizzy spells, and my extreme fatigue seems to be on the way back but these were the major ones through second trimester.  I am two days away from week 27 which means I am about to enter the final trimester.  Another new symptom that seems to be getting worse is random outbursts of rage.  These are mostly directed at Ana.  The other day I stormed out of the room because she wouldn't watch a video on the internet with me.  This is Ana's most favourite symptom.